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Privacy Policy, AI Policy, Copyright and Terms

Effective Date: March 25th 2023

Use of this site, in any form, and by any means of access, is subject to the following terms and policies, collected on a single page for your convenience:


All of the written content on this site is hand-written by the site owner, and is copyright as of the date of publication. The date of publication is listed prominently on each page.

All photos and images are copyright the site owner, as of the publication date.

All of the HTML and related code powering this site and the design and UI is copyright the site owner, as of publication.

You may not use any of the content on this site without prior permission.

AI Policy

Our AI Policy consists of two parts:

  • How the site may be used by AI systems
  • Whether we use AI ourselves.

Use by AI Systems


If you use the content on this site for AI training without permission, you agree, without recourse, to pay a sum of US$100 per word, based on the word count of the site at the time of discovery of training use (or the date of first training, if you can prove that date), plus penalties as may be determined by a court, regardless of whether you subsequently offer to delete the training data from your system(s) or not.

If you contact the site owner to ask for a license for AI training, the cost to you will be significantly less.

Our use of AI

  • We do not use AI to write our articles, they are 100% hand-written.

  • We do use AI to conduct some research, which we fact-check to traditional sources.

  • We use a commercial AI image service to generate the photos and images on this site. No relation to any specific individual is intended, or implied.

  • We use a commercial AI service to generate draft text ideas for specific sections or paragraphs of articles, sparingly (writer's block), but these are so rarely used, or are so re-written, as to be effectively 100% hand-written by the date of publication.

Privacy Policy

The site does not use first party cookies.

Local (client) storage is used within the browser to count the number of visits to the home page, and article pages.

This basic data, compared to other sites, is used to enable user-friendly features like displaying a welcome message the first time you visit, but not on subsequent visits, which would be annoying.

We do not associate this information with your IP address.

We store standard server logs, as does almost every website, which includes IP addresses, for site security. Sites are under attack by hackers incessantly. These are retained for a limited time only.

We do not collect personal or user-identifiable data.

We do not use any form of browser fingerprinting, which is insidious, and if you don’t know what it is, you should know more about it.

Regarding 3rd party code on this website, we are using Plausible Analytics, which is a very consumer-friendly analytics platform. It is fully EU and GDPR compliant, and does not use cookies at all.

We are using Google Analytics at the time of writing, which does store cookies. Google offers a browser extension to opt out of Google Analytics, or you can use many other tools or privacy focussed browsers.

General Terms

The legal jurisdiction for any actions regarding the terms and policies on this page will be at the sole discretion of the site owner. The site is hosted in California.

All of the articles are provided "as is", and by their nature are the personal opinions of the writer.

If you do not agree with the terms and policies on this page, your recourse is to not use this site.

The site owner reserves the right to update these terms and policies from time to time. If they are updated, the date of last update will be listed up top.